Tsai Chin 2008 The New Endless Love

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Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
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RM330, RM250, RM180, RM110 & RM70
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Tsai Chin who hails from Taiwan, is an unquestionably enduring force in the music industry, after achieving her earliest hits in the late 70s, scoring unparalleled fame in the 80s, and having her voice dominate much of the Chinese pop music stations throughout the 80s and a good half of the 90s. Even today, at the age of 50, Tsai Chin is never out of sight of her admirers with all her ongoing concerts and musicals.

Tsai Chin has released over 40 albums and is widely popular throughout the Chinese community. Fans of Tsai Chin will surely remember her songs such as "Your Eyes", "Endless Love", "Time Forgotten", "Impatient Heart" and "Just Like Your Tenderness." Till today, her music and appeal never feels dated, while she holds on to her own style and not just drift along with popular trends. She grows with time as if the way wine gets better with age, and she is forever the favourite of music enthusiasts. Tsai Chin's songs seem to have an even richer emotional quality after going thr

In March 2008, allow this Mandopop legend to use her golden voice to bring back her prominent songs and reprise the nostalgic tunes in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. May this concert become a platform of Tsai Chin's full-throated and rich voice, filled with nuance and sensation.

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