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By purchasing this ticket you ("ticket buyer") agree to be bound by the terms and conditions specified herein and any other provision as may be specified from time to time.

a) All tickets sold by Axcess Tickets Sdn. Bhd. (AXCESS) are as an agent on behalf of the Event/Show Organiser (“Promoter”) and/or  Venue Management/Owner (“Venue Owner). Promoter and/or Venue Owner are responsible for the event.
b) Any complaints regarding the event will be directed to and dealt with by the Promoter and/or Venue Owner.
c) The ticket holder shall undertake all risks and dangers which the ticket holder may face while attending the event. The ticket holder accepts that there are risks on the way to, and outside of or within the stadium or venue. The risks may include change in weather, the distance to and from the public transport stations or parking area and the stadium or venue, the situation on surface or underground, collision with on-site personnel or other ticket holders. The ticket holder hereby clearly states that he will undertake all these risks or dangers. The ticket holder will further undertake all risks of loss of properties in the stadium. Therefore the ticket holder agrees to release AXCESS, Venue Owner, Promoter, event performers/players and their respective agents and employees from any liability, regardless of whether injury or loss occurs before, during or after the event.
d) Ticket buyers are responsible to take note of any entry conditions or restrictions imposed on infants in arms, children without tickets or any minimum children admission age.
e) Once purchased, tickets may not be cancelled, redeemed for cash nor will exchange be made under any circumstances.
f) Refunds on tickets will only be made if the event is cancelled or postponed subject to the Terms and Conditions of Refunds.
g) The ticket buyer shall be responsible for all tickets after they have been picked up. Tickets will not be replaced if lost, destroyed or stolen.
h) AXCESS, Venue Owner and Promoter are not obliged to re-issue, exchange or compensate any damaged tickets. Any damage to the tickets may result in ticket holder not being allowed to enter the stadium or venue and AXCESS, Venue Owner and Promoter will not be responsible.
i) Any ticket holder who enters into a specific area, whether outside of or within the stadium or venue area, shall comply with the rules for ticket holders published by Venue Owner, Promoter and the Ticket  Terms & Conditions printed on the reverse side of the tickets.
j) Entry may be refused if tickets have not been purchased from AXCESS or from an authorized point–of-sales.
k) The Promoter/Venue Owner may use the ticket holder's image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photograph or picture.
l) The Promoter may add, withdraw or substitute artistes and/or vary advertised programmes, event times, seating arrangements and audience capacity without prior notice.
m) The Promoter/Venue Owner may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event due to adverse weather, dangerous situations, or any other causes beyond his reasonable control.


Ticket refunds are only allowed when an event is postponed or cancelled. If your event has not been cancelled or postponed, refunds are not allowed. Policies set forth by our clients, including Promoters, Venue Owners and artistes, prohibit Axcess from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

Ticket refunds owing to event postponement or cancellation is made solely at the Promoter's discretion and on the Promoter's account. 

Promoter shall issue statements and/or notices on refunds and it is the responsibility of the ticket buyer/holder to be aware of any such statements and/or notices in the event of event postponement or cancellation.  Refund procedures, period and processing duration will be issued by the Promoter.

When authorized by Promoter, Axcess shall make refunds to ticket buyers for tickets purchased from Axcess’ point-of-sales only, i.e. Axcess Hotline, Website, Box Offices and authorized ticket outlets. For tickets purchased directly from Promoter or not through any Axcess point-of-sales, ticket buyers will need to contact the Promoter directly for refunds.

Refund will only be made to the TICKET BUYER. No refunds to any third party will be made or entertained.

Ticketing service fees like Ticket Booking Fee and Axcess Fee are not refundable.

Ticket buyer shall comply with the refund procedure (including agreeing to provide evidence of identity and allow its recording of) and ensure any refund submission/request shall be made during the designated refund processing period. Submission/requests made or received after the end of the processing period will not be entertained.

Receiving refund submission/request by AXCESS from Ticket Buyer does not constitute automatic approval of refund. Approval of refund is subjected to numerous factors including but not limited to:
  • satisfactory compliance to Axcess internal verification procedures
  • ticket buyer producing the original tickets in good and complete condition (with all stubs intact)
  • Axcess having the funds received from ticket sales. As refunds are made on Promoter’s account, any refund made by AXCESS shall only be made out of sums still held by AXCESS on behalf of the Promoter as authorized by prior agreement with the Promoter.

Tickets purchased via credit card shall be refunded through the SAME credit card. Ticket buyer shall submit a front copy of the credit card as proof of evidence. If the credit card in concern is no longer in-use and/or is being cancelled, refund shall be issued via cheque.

Tickets purchased using payments other than credit cards shall be refunded via cheque. Ticket buyer shall submit a front copy of his/her NRIC or other accepted identity evidence document to facilitate the cheque issuance and collection.


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