Taiwanese Golden Melodies Live In Genting 2008

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Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands
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RM280, RM210, RM150 & RM100
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Taiwanese melodies of the 70s and 80s era never fail to evoke sweet memories of the yesteryears. Two years ago, Genting hosted a concert highlighting Taiwanese Timeless Classics and it was extremely well received. The art of Taiwan folk songs are a reminder to veteran oldies lovers of their youthful days and allow the younger generation to understand the beauty of Taiwanese culture. From this, it creates a unforgettable bond between young and old generation.

Ye Qi Tian, one of the artistes for the evening, rose to stardom with the album β€˜Ai Ping Chai Hui Ying’. This popular Hokkien song, released in 1988 has its uplifting lyrics that was well received in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia as well as Singapore. Zhang Xiu Qing, famous for her song 'Che Zhan' (Bus Station) will also be singing her golden melodies for the evening. Also, sharing the limelight on stage we have Wang Shi Xian and Cai Qiu Feng.

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