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A Night of Cantonese Opera II

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7klpac Pentas 2
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Hong Ling Hao Po Mou Tou On Zhi Dui Fa Hai (Hong Ling's Incident of Headless Corpse)

Acted by: Kam Sin Kiew (as Lou Kiew), Sam Yip (as Jo Wei Ming, the judge)

In Suzhou, there is a family of high official, but the master had passed away, and left only the mistress and sister named "Lou Kiew" and "So Yoke Kwai". After Lou Kiew's husband had passed away, she unwilling to remain out of the limelight, so she had an affair with "Chun Sam Fong", one of the secretary of the government office. Chun Sam Fong has a wife, which looks alike Lou Kiew, but his wife has a chronic illness that have to stay at bed always. One day, Chun Sam Fong needs to leave to the other state to work, but he cannot make it to leave Lou Kiew. Therefore, he murdered his wife, and threw her corpse next to the damaged bridge, and burden her head under one of the tree in the Suzhou government office. Chun Sam Fong also took Lou Kiew's clothes and wear it on his wife's corpse, so that everyone thought that the corpse belongs to Lou Kiew, and in fact it is belongs to his wife. When they wear the embroidery shoe for the dead, one of the embroidery shoe dropped, and one of the show had taken by Lou Kiew accidently. The embroidery shoe that had dropped had taken by the judge. To solve the criminal case, the judge pretend to flirt with Lou Kiew, wishes that he could take the embroidery shoe to solve the case. Finally, the cat is out of the bag, while Chun Sam Fong and Lou Kiew had judge to death penalty.

Yin Kok Tong Wong Sum (Pleasant Song Touches The Emperor)

Acted by: Ng Sooi Nyin(as Emperor Hon), Cheong Yin Pin(as Wai Zhi Hing)

Emperor Hon is a romantic man and scare of his wife very much. One day, he went to visit his sister, and passed by the rendezvous beside the lake, and he saw a singer that is playing a very pleasant music there. After asking for introduction, he finally knew that this beautiful singer named "Wai Zhi Hing", and she is the singer in the palace. At the end, she was ennoble as the imperial concubine.

Chiu Kuan Chut Choi (Chiu Kuan on the Frontier)

Acted by: Kam Sin Kiew (as Chiu Kuan)

Wong Cheong, known as Wong Chiu Kuan. She moved into the palace when she's thirteen, and she only got to meet the emperor when she was sixteen. Wong Cheong is very beautiful, and able to play a very skillful Pipa. King of Hong Lou, Fu Hon Che had invaded to Zhong Yun, and their not able to defense themselve with the troop of Fu Hon Che. Therefore, they decided to send the beloved Wong Cheong as his daughter to marry to the foreigner, to protect the peace of his country. Because of this, Wong Cheong was required to change her name to Wong Chiu Kuan. Wong Chiu Kuan sacrifice herself to marry the foreigner. When she reached to the border between Hon and Wu, she sang a song named "Chiu Kuan Chut Choi" as singing her own feelings.

( Also included in the third scene will be a Traditional Ribbon Ball Dance by Kyonis Chong)

Performance Schedule:

05 Feb 2010, Fri
06 Feb 2010, Sat
07 Feb 2010, Sun






Free Seating



Free Seating



Free Seating

* One ticket admits one person only. No child sharing seat or babies in arms. All children aged 3 and above are required to purchase ticket for admission.

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