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General FAQs
1) What should I do if my ticket(s) are lost, damaged or stolen?
Policy on lost, damaged or stolen ticket(s) is set forth by the event organizers. The ticket buyer is responsible for all the ticket(s) once purchased and no ticket(s) will be replaced if ticket(s) is lost, damaged or stolen.
2) Does my child or infant need a ticket?
Ticket buyers are responsible to take note of any entry conditions or restrictions imposed on infants in arms, children without ticket(s) or any minimum admission age for child. Please check the Terms and Conditions of entry before purchasing your ticket(s).
3) What is the mode of payment?
We accept Visa card and Master card for purchases through our website or through Axcess hotline. If you would like to pay in cash, please visit any Axcess outlets. We do not accept any other mode of payment except for the above mentioned.
4) Why do I need to provide my personal details when making a purchase at Axcess outlets or through hotline?
As part of our added service, your personal details are required when making a purchase so that we can advise you if there are changes to the event you purchase. We will not be liable for being unable to inform you due to insufficient information.
5) Why do you need my NRIC or Passport number when purchasing ticket(s)?
We require this information as it is the most accurate way for validation especially for ticket collection and replacement of ticket(s).
6) I noticed some events are not available for online purchase. Why?
Most of our events are available for purchase through the Axcess website. However, some event organizers may choose not to sell their events online. In this instance, you are encouraged to purchase your tickets from our hotline at or visit Axcess outlets listings.
7) Why are some discounts not available for online and/or phone booking?
Discounts offered in an event are at the sole discretion of the event organizers and varies from event to event. The discounts offered are subject to specific Terms and Conditions set by the event organizers. Please visit Axcess website or call to know more about a specific discount.
8) Can I get group rates if I buy more than 20 tickets?
Group rates vary by event and are determined by event organizers. However, you may contact us at 6 for further enquiries on group booking.
9) How do I know my booking is confirmed if I buy from Axcess hotline or website?
For purchases through Axcess hotline, a booking reference number and booking confirmation email will be provided and if you purchase through Axcess website, we will send you the booking confirmation email once your booking is confirmed.
10) How do I buy ticket(s) if it is not available for sale online or from the hotline?
If online and phone bookings are not available, you can always proceed to any Axcess outlets to purchase ticket(s) for the event of your choice.
11) Where can I buy ticket(s) from Axcess?
Our point of sales are conveniently available to you as per below:
i) Axcess website
ii) Axcess outlets
ii) Axcess Hotline :
Hours of operation are: Mondays to Fridays : 9am to 6pm; Saturdays : 9am to 1pm. We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
12) Can I purchase ticket(s) if I live outside Malaysia?
Yes, you can purchase ticket(s) from Axcess website or through our hotline at . Ticket(s) purchased can then be collected at the venue on event day(s). You will need to provide the documents below for collection:

 i) Booking reference number and/or booking confirmation email
 ii) Credit card used for purchase  
iii) Your NRIC or Passport for verification purposes.
13) What are your Terms and Conditions of Sale?
To learn more about our Terms and Conditions of Sale please visit Terms and Conditions. Should you require further assistance, please or contact us at .
14) How do I give my comments or feedback?
You can write to us @
15) I didn't receive any news from Axcess although I've registered.
Axcess will send monthly e-newsletters to all its registered members. Please check your Junk Mail folder should you not receive any news from us. For further assistance, please write to us.
16) I do not want to receive any news from Axcess. How do I unsubscribe?
If you have decided not to receive any news from Axcess, simply login to your account at Axcess website and click unsubscribe. Alternatively you can also unsubscribe from our emails to you.
17) Supported Browsers
-Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+
-Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Visa Premium Privileges Program
1) What is Visa Premium Privileges Program?
Axcess is the preferred merchant in the Entertainment category for Visa international and offers exclusive privileges to all Visa premium cardholders i.e. Visa Infinite, Visa Signature and Visa Platinum.

If you are a Visa Premium cardholder, you will enjoy:
 a) 20% early bird on the spot rebate on ticket price.
 b) Dedicated Visa hotline at .
 c) Priority ticket collection lane at the venue on show day(s).
 d) Complimentary ticket delivery within Klang Valley for Visa Infinite cardholders only.

Terms and Conditions apply for all Visa Premium Privileges. Please visit Visa Privileges Page or contact us at for more information.
2) I am a Visa premium cardholder. How do I know whether the event(s) that I am interested in is entitled to 20% on-the-spot rebate?
Visa 20% early bird rebate is only applicable for participating events. You may call Axcess-Visa hotline at or visit Visa Privileges Page for more information.
3) As a premium card holder, how do I buy tickets for an event which has the Visa 20% early bird?
Visa 20% early bird rebate is applicable for purchase through the dedicated Visa hotline and authorized Axcess outlets.
You must present and make payment with your Visa premium card to be entitled to the offer.
4) I wanted to buy ticket(s) with Visa early bird rebate but was told that the offer is no longer available. Why?
Visa Premium Privileges are limited to the first 50 tickets from the official ticket sales launch date of participating events.
5) Can I buy 10 tickets with Visa 20% early bird rebate offer?
Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions of Visa Premium Privileges only allow a cardholder to purchase up to a maximum of four (4) tickets per transaction.
6) Can I buy Visa 20% early bird rebate applicable with other discounts or promotions?
Visa 20% early bird rebate is not applicable with other discounts or promotions.

Maxis Exclusive Privileges Program
1) What is Maxis Exclusive Privileges Program?
Axcess is collaborating with Maxis, Malaysia's leading mobile telecommunications provider, to enhance the promotion of selected events and offer exclusive privileges to all Maxis and Hotlink customers for these events.

If you are a Maxis or Hotlink customer, you will enjoy privileges specific to these selected events. Terms and conditions apply for all Maxis Exclusive Privileges.
2) How do I know which event carries what privileges?
Maxis exclusive privileges are only applicable for selected events. Please visit Maxis Privilege page for a listing of events that carry Maxis Exclusive Privileges.
3) How do I get to enjoy the privileges?
You will need to follow the instructions described in the Maxis Privilege page on how the privileges are to be redeemed.
4) What are the terms & conditions of the Privileges?
Privileges are event specific and each privilege will have its own terms & conditions. For details, please refer to the Maxis Privilege page.
5) I am a Maxis/Hotlink customer and I have purchased tickets to an event before/after the privileges validity dates. Am I entitled to any refund, exchange, cancellation or compensation?
If tickets have been purchased before or after the privilege validity dates, that purchase will not be entitled to the said privilege and the purchaser shall not be entitled to any refund, exchange, cancellation or compensation of any sorts from any party.
6) How do I get updated on the latest event and privilege launches?
For latest updates on event and privilege launches, please check the Maxis Privilege page. Updates will be posted here as and when such information become available.

In addition, Maxis may have also informed you of such information through its communications to you, including but not limited to SMS/MMS broadcast, Maxis/Hotlink websites, WAP portal, Maxisí Facebook or periodical electronic data mailers to your email.

Ticket Collection
1) Where can I collect my ticket(s) if I purchased online or through Axcess hotline?
Ticket collection counter is only open at event venue on show day, 2 hours before show time. Please collect your ticket(s) at least 60 minutes before show time to avoid any potential late admission.
2) If I have purchased online or through Axcess hotline, can I collect my ticket(s) at any Axcess outlets?
Ticket collection for purchase through Axcess website or hotline can only be collected at event venue on event day(s).
3) What do I need to provide when I collect my ticket(s) at the event venue on event day(s)?
Ticket(s) can only be collected by the credit card holder. You will need to provide:

 i) A copy of the email confirmation sent by Axcess for confirmation of your booking.
 ii) Credit card used for purchase.
 iii) Your NRIC or Passport for verification purpose.

The credit card holder will be required to sign on the copy of the merchant slip(s) during collection(s).

Axcess reserve the right to withhold the ticket(s) if any of these documents are not presented during collection.
4) Can someone collect my ticket(s) on my behalf?
It is the company's policy that ticket(s) can only be collected by the credit card holder. However, in the event the credit card holder is unable to collect personally, he/she can authorize a third party collection on his/her behalf. The credit card holder will need to fill up "Authorization for Third Party Collection" portion which is located in the booking confirmation email sent by Axcess, with signature and acknowledgement by the credit card holder.

You are encouraged to:
  i) Check the event name, date and prices to make sure it is correct.
  ii) Check the condition of tickets. Make sure it is not damaged or torn during collection.
  iii) Read the Terms and Conditions at the back of the ticket carefully.

We will also need the credit card holder to furnish us with the copy of :
  i) Credit card holder's NRIC or Passport
  ii) Credit Card
5) My credit card is stolen/lost and I need to collect my ticket(s) at the venue. What do I do?
As per our policy, the credit card used for purchase must be presented when collecting the ticket(s). However, if your credit card is lost, you can present:

  i) Your credit card billing statment.
  ii) Your NRIC or Passport.
  iii) Booking confirmation email sent by Axcess.
  iv) A copy of police report (for cards which have been stolen)

Ticket Refund and/or Exchange
1) I get a refund and/or exchange if I am unable to attend the event?
Policies set forth by event organizers and Axcess does not allow refunds to be processed once a ticket has been purchased. As a condition of sale, there are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations once a ticket has been purchased. For more information, please visit .
2) What happens when an event is cancelled or postponed?
Normally if an event is cancelled or postponed, the event organizer will make an announcement through major press or media detailing the information for a refund and/or exchange. Decisions for refunds and/or exchanges will be determined by the event organizer. You may log on to Axcess website to check whether an event has been cancelled or postponed.

Axcess will only provide refunds and/or exchanges with instructions from event organizers. Please note that Axcess Fee and Booking Fee is not refundable. You will need to produce the original ticket(s) in good condition for refunds. You will need to comply with event organizer's terms and conditions. Payment of refunds will be dependant on the purchase mode:

  i) For tickets purchased with credit card, refunds will be reversed back to the card used for the purchase.
  ii) For tickets purchased with cash, refunds will be issued in the form of a cheque.

You will need to contact Axcess hotline at pertaining to refunds and/or exchanges if an event is cancelled or postponed for refunds and/or exchanges. No refunds and/or exchanges are allowed for events which are not cancelled or postponed.
3) Can I upgrade or downgrade my ticket(s)?
As specified in Axcess Terms and Conditions of Sale, Axcess does not encourage upgrading or downgrading of ticket(s) sold under any circumstances.

Seats Allocation
1) If I buy now,  will there be better seats available later?
Seats for purchase are based on first come first serve basis. Axcess will not guarantee if there is any possibility of better seats available later.
2) I wanted to buy ticket(s) online, and have selected my seats. However, the seats were no longer available when I made up my decision to buy. Why?
Seats selected will be held for 15 minutes and all seats which are selected but not confirmed will be released back to the public after that time.
3) Can I reserve my seats?
Unfortunately, Axcess does not entertain any request for seats reservation. All seats are sold on first come first serve basis.

Unanswered Question
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